Sunday, June 7, 2009

Park City, Ut

Sorry, it has been a while. We are visiting our family back in Utah.  We came out for Brooke's graduation and to wish Brady well on his mission to Columbia.  Yesterday we when up to Park City and had a blast.   We went on the Alpine Slides and the Mountain coaster. Reagan got to go on the slide with Rene.  She was to young for the coaster. Colton and Trevor got to go on both. Then we went to Wasatch Brewery to satisfy Marty's need for Nacho's.  It was delicious.  I got some great pictures.  I can't figure out how to rotate them so sorry for the head turns.  

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tahoe Cabin Vacation

Okay forgive me of the scattered pictures. I could not figure out how to organize them. We rented a cabin with our friends up in Tahoma, Lake Tahoe.  We made the best of the trip due to the weather.  The First day the guys were going to go snowboarding at Homewood and it turn out that the resort was closed due to the weather (Picture of the guys Frowning). They came back and we played in the snow with the kids.  While out in the snow, Reagan wanted to taste the snow and she didn't like the cold I think. I was so happy to get the great pictures.  The guys build a really cool fort for the kids to play in. The next day they traveled to Donner Ski Ranch that had received 18 inches of fresh snow, While I stayed back with the 3 younger ones. Chad took Trevor and tried to teach him to snowboard, although trevor didn't want his help and just took off and had plenty of falls. Trevor had a blast. He came back and told me how to snowboard.  That night Reagan keeped us up, she had gotten sick.  We stayed in the cabin that day and just enjoyed the vacation.  We wished that it would have snowed us in, but instead it rain us in. We made the best of the trip. The day we were leaving we woke up to 2 inches of snow and continued to fall while we were leaving. 

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Family Photo, 2008
Season’s Greetings,

As always the Wilson household is extremely busy. Trevor is now 5, Colton is 3, and Reagan just turned 2. On June 17th Kennedy Marie joined our family. That rounds us out with 2 boys and 2 girls.

Kennedy is very cute. Most people say she looks like Chad. She definitely has eyes for her mama. Jacille can’t even walk by her without Kennedy getting fussy. That’s probably because Jacille is spoiling her worse than any of the other kids.

Reagan is a total crack up. She has the funniest personality. She is smart, feisty, and already knows how to manipulate her brothers. All girl. Jacille cuts her blonde hair in a cute short cut that everyone always comments on. She loves her dolls and girly things, but also loves playing outside, getting dirty, and riding the dirt bikes with either mom or dad.

Colton is maturing quickly now. His vocabulary is finally growing. He loves following his brother around and can’t be left out of any activities. Reagan and Colton have become quite the buddies. They are so close in age that they have developed a special friendship. Colton is now riding a bicycle with training wheels. He is also doing really good riding the little quad.

Trevor is having a full year. He was accepted in a kindergarten class at Rocklin Academy, which is the charter school we wanted to get him into. So far he loves school and looks forward to going. Trevor attended a diving camp at Sierra College this summer. He did very good for the youngest student. His favorite part was jumping off of the high dive. This Fall we signed Trevor up for the local swim team the “Rocklin Waves”. He did well in class and still loves swimming. At the end of the year swim meet he placed first in backstroke and second in freestyle. The kid is part fish. Trevor got his first two wheel dirt bike this year, a little Honda 50. He loves dirt bike riding with his dad in the woods.

Jacille has finally moved into her hairdressing shed in the backyard. It is really nice and she enjoys having her own space. Now that we are finished having kids Jacille is diligently trying to exercise more. She got a new road style bicycle and has been riding until it started getting cold. Jacille also got a new Yamaha quad this year. She is pretty spoiled.

We sold our tent trailer early this spring and bought a full size toy hauler travel trailer. It is really nice. It has 3 queen beds, 2 couches, a dinette, a full bathroom, and a built in generator. We went camping quite a bit this year. It is turning into our main family activity.

We organized the annual Wood family reunion this year. We held it at a ranch just below Shasta Dam. It was a great time. There was 5 separate houses to spread the family out in. Jacille put countless hours into making it happen. She did a great job and we are very proud of her.

Well that’s it for now. As always we live life as fully as we can. We cherish our relationships with all of you and hope to spend more time with you soon. From our family to yours we wish you the best and pray that your holiday season will be joyful. Happy Holidays.

The Wilsons
Chad, Jacille, Trevor, Colton, Reagan, Kennedy, and Toby